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Quarter Pipe - 2ft High

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 Product Description

This quarter pipe arrives at your door in kit form, ready to assemble. 

Grab a drill for the weatherproof screws and a 13mm spanner to attach to the galvanized steel coping from the underside using heavy-duty bolts and you're good to go.

Our instruction manual (with photos) and our step by step how-to video make this ramp easy to build.

Our ramps are built using high-quality birch plywood, 18mm side profiles, and top deck. Along with two layers of 9mm birch plywood skating surface, making them extremely durable. We also use treated timbers so that the ramp is suitable for outdoor use. 

Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you may have about the set up of this ramp or the ramp kit itself. We can also provide a fitting service if required.






91cm, 122cm, 183cm or 244cm




  • Flush rebated transition threshold for the smoothest approach
  • Galvanized steel threshold fixed from the underside using heavy-duty machine screws
  • Galvanized steel coping fixed from the underside using heavy-duty bolts
  • Counter-sunk weatherproofed screws
  • Durable 18mm birch plywood construction
  • High-quality timbers are used to ensure the ramp is as strong as possible

  • Handle cut-outs on each side of the ramp making the ramp more stable and easy to move